Pauline Ho

Starring was founded in Australia by Designer Pauline Ho in June 2008.
After working for various high profile Fashion companies (including Aurelio Costarella, Rusty and Sunseeker International) during her professional career Pauline was encouraged and supported by friends and family to start her own label. This inspiration, in conjunction with the Brand name recognised more than 10 years ago, brought about this label: Starring.

The Open Concept ...

“I wanted other people to do the same i.e. experience life to the fullest by focusing on the things they are passionate about - Starring is just that. Inject some positive energy into your life! 
I never agreed with the concept of how people wanted to be famous just for the sake of being famous. Why be the next Paris Hilton when you can be the best you? So what happened to being more original. Don’t just pick up your guitar; play it hard. Better yet… play it in public do it for free, enjoy yourself and focus on all things that you’ve always dreamed of. Do it well. There is no better time than now. Remember the only limit is yourself. So long as no-one gets hurt, remember there are no life barriers... make the most of it... because this is your life + your life is Starring...” you (enter that blank).


You’ll find that many of the pieces are inspired by elements of rock/art/life/travel inspired street wear.  Designs on all garments can be either edgy, quirky, fashion forward, but there is always something there for every individual person to enjoy. Starring understand sclothing is very personal and always strives for the highest quality fabrics with all garments are shrinkage controlled. Just slip it on and you can feel the difference. Suited for individual fashion LIFE-stylers who have an eye for the right fit and an appreciation for edgy fashion pieces. All this to suit fashionist as who are focussed on high quality clothing, without the unrealistic price tag. We want everyone to appreciate Starring as anyone can wear our clothing, after work, a night out etc.

Starring garments have flexibility. Many can be worn for occasions that transition from those outdoor days to the energised night life. It’s upto you as to what you team up with these gorgeous pieces. They were designed with the option of being accessorised and geared to your own individual interpretation. Get out there! + make the most ofit!

Definition of STARRING:

i) to play the most prominent or important role
ii) to perform outstandingly